Certified guide Carina leads your Forest Therapy; a ‘light touch’ therapy based on Shinrin-yoku.


Japanese culture has fascinated me since I spent a year travelling across the Japanese Alps and forests; whilst taking a break from teaching in London. I have been practising Shinrin-yoku over the last two years and introducing others to its benefits as a guide.

Carina Greenwood, qualified Forest Therapy Guide – and lover of the outdoors

I want more people to gain the health and wellbeing benefits that result from time spent amongst trees. Young people, people convalescing, older people, city and country people alike; all can benefit from regular forest bathing.

A deep, lasting and nurturing connection with nature

I have carefully selected Forest Therapy sites that are accessible and close to good quality facilities. Within these environments and others, it is possible to find a deep, lasting and nurturing connection with nature; good for body and soul – and good for nature in the long term.

The forest ecosystem is not only beautiful, but when well managed and not exploited, is able to sustain us (and itself) in ways that we are only just beginning to understand.

The forest has abundant, natural and free benefits:

  • Helps to combat disease
  • Nurtures and transforms our mental health and wellbeing
  • Offers a digital detox from busy modern life.

It’s a readily available sustainable health spa – and alternative, preventative medicine for all. That is why I have chosen it as my place of work.

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  • Certified Forest Therapy Guide (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programmes)
  • Master’s Degree in Arts Practice, Health and Wellbeing (University of South Wales)
  • B Ed Honours Degree in Fine Art and Education (Cambridge University)
  • ITC certificate in Outdoor First Aid Level 6 (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework)


I offer bespoke sessions and ‘ tasters’ by arrangement for professional bodies and carers. Find out more.