Courses in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Wales.


what does the experience cover?

Shinrin-yoku is a slow practice, involving walking; probably no more than 2km whilst taking in the forest atmosphere.

As the seasons change, so does the weather, the quality of light, movement of air and animal life in the woodland. By bathing our senses in the forest we’re tapping into its natural rhythms.

Lush green forest in summer
Photographer: Peter Oslanec

There are some typical features of a forest bathing experience with Carina as your guide:

Carina will summarise shrinrin-yoku; giving you some insight into the fundamental principles of the practice, as well as its health and wellbeing benefits.

Typically there will be four invitations offered to you; to do alone or with others, always within range of the guide. These last between 10 and 20 minutes. They are entirely optional; designed to connect you with the surroundings and tune in your senses.
Tea ceremony
‘Foraged tea’ and light, healthy snacks mark the end of the session informally and allow a chance to ask the guide questions or chat further about the experience and practice.

How much does a guided course cost?

  • Nov – Feb: £10 for a 2-hour experience
  • Mar – Oct: £26 for a 3-hour experience

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Is it a solo or group thing?

Forest bathing is a reflective experience. There are opportunities to share your thoughts with the group or with your partner if you wish to, but there is absolutely no obligation to talk if you do not want to. Group sizes are intentionally small, typically 4-6 people.

Who is it for?

Forest bathing with Carina is for people over the age of eight years old and it aims to be as inclusive as possible. Unlike many other forest activities, it’s especially suitable for those who may not choose normally to go for a walk in the woods or exert themselves.

It’s not necessary to be particularly fit. It’s gentle, inclusive, pleasurable and welcoming – perfect for those convalescing or taking time out from busy lives.

What to bring?

Forest bathing is slow. It’s not a physically exerting activity, but it is outside for the duration. More clothes are needed than for a normal walk in the woods.

  1. Clothing: layered clothing, which can go in a back pack along with waterproof clothing, walking boots or trainers. If you would like to borrow walking boots please let Carina know.
  2. A notepad or sketchbook (if you wish).

How to book

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